Asphalt Mixer Theoretical Density Meter


Make: Metlor

Model: CL-1146

Origin: India

Standards: ASTM D 2041-03

Specification: Asphalt Mixer theoretical density meter as per ASTM D 2041-03. This equipment is used for determination of theoretical density of asphalt mixer by vacuum method for application such as asphalt mixer design, road condition investigation ,calculation of porosity and compactness in road construction quality management. This equipment has a main body fitted with a vacuum gauge of Wika make Germany, 2 vacuum containers made of acrylic pipe & a vibratory table under with complete control panel. The Vobratory table operates on manual and automatic mode to release the entrapped air from the asphalt sample kept inside the vessels. It is suitable to work on 230 V AC single phase 50 Hz. Vacuum range 0-100 KPA (0-750 mm Hg) vibration loading is 10 kg. no of samples tested is 2.


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