Concrete Pile Echo Tester


Make: Metlor

Model: CL-1007

Origin: India


Product Specification: The Pile Integrity Tester (PIT) gives  a pile or shaft is free of major cracks and voids, prior to construction of the superstructure. It may be used on most concrete or wood foundations. The PIT may also be used to test piles integral in the structure, such as those supporting existing bridges or towers, and may assess their length. The PIT performs wave equation-based non-destructive foundation investigation known as Low Strain Impact Integrity Tests or Low Strain Dynamic Tests. These test may be performed by the Pulse (or Sonic) Echo or Transient Response Methods. With the PIT, any form of the test is performed fast, potentially making it possible to test every pile on a job site.

Technical Specifications :

 Model Number NL 4047 X / 001
 Noise Voltage of The System (mV) ≤2
 Dynamic Range (dB) ≥184
 Amplifier Frequency Band (Hz) 1 – 10 k
 A/D Resolution 24 bit A/D
 Sampling Time Intervals 1  μs – 6400 μs
 Max. Length of Sampling ≥4096
 Amplitude Nonlinear Degree ≤10%
 Error of Time Indication ≤1%
 Gain Error ≤1 dB
 Fixed Point Magnification 1,2,5,10,20,50,100
 Number Of Channels 2
 Phase Position Consistency of Two Channels ±3° 0.05 ms
 Inter-channel Interference ±3%  ≤±0.2dB
 Triggering Mode ≤1%
 Acceleration Transducer Sensitivity (mV/g) ≥100 mV/g
 Frequency Range of Acceleration Transducer 0.5 – 9000 Hz
 Continuous Operating Hours > 5 hrs
 Power Supply Mode Rechargeable Lithium Battery Inside DC 9V
 Weight 1.3 kg
 Dimension 300 (L) x 500(W) x 950(H)
 Display 5.7 inch, TFT True Color LCD
 Operation Mode Touch Screen & Keys

Unit Consists Of :

 Model Number Description Qty
 NL 4047 X / 001 – P001 Detector 1unit
 NL 4047 X / 001 – P009 Charger 1unit
 NL 4047 X / 001 – P002 Sensor 1unit
 NL 4047 X / 001 – P003 Hammer 1unit
 NL 4047 X / 001 – P004 Metal Hammerhead 1pc.
 NL 4047 X / 001 – P005 Nylon Hammerhead 1pc.
 NL 4047 X / 001 – P006 Plastic Hammerhead 1pc.
 NL 4047 X / 001 – P007 USB Flash Disk 1pc.
 NL 4047 X / 001 – P008 Touch Pen 1pc.
 NL 4047 X / 001 – P010 Carrying Case 1unit

*1 copy of Instruction Manual


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