Creep Testing Machine




A sturdy bench top mounted unit for studying the affect of creep on different material test specimens. Necked test specimens are held vertically in position on special clamps, which do not induce bending during loading. A lever arm transmits the load from a load hanger and weights into the specimen and the lever arm has a counter balance weight to ensure the lever arm self weight is calibrated out.

Surrounding the test specimen is a transparent specimen guard. Its primary function is to allow the surrounding specimen temperature to be adjusted hot or cold. The temperature can be read using the thermometer supplied and the temperature controlled using a special thermal pack. The specimen cover also allows easy viewing of the specimen during creep. A dial gauge measures the extension of the specimen during testing. Specimens in polypropylene are supplied as standard. Specimens in nylon and PVC are also available as optional sets.

  • Data generated using creep & creep-rupture test allows for predicting creep modulus as well as strength of materials that are under constant loads is also used for predicting dimensional changes occurring as result of such loads
  • Data generated from test methods finds usage in –
  1. Comparing materials
  2. In designing fabricated parts
  3. For characterizing plastics for achieving long-term performance under constant loads


  • Creep fracture load
  • Temperature affect on creep rate and failure
  • Material variation on creep rate and failure
  • Load variation on creep rate and failure


  • To be bench mounted unit to study creep within different material
  • Uniform, stable load to be applied using lever arm
  • Creep test specimens to be held in position by clams which do not induce bending
  • Test temperature to be controlled within transparent specimen cover
  • Thermometer supplied
  • Ability for the test specimens to be heated and cooled
  • Load hanger and weights set for applying load to creep specimen
  • Dial gauge measures displacement during creep
  • 10 specimens in Polypropylene to be supplied
  • Spare test specimens to be available


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