DESCRIPTION: A planimeter, also known as a Plato meter, is a measuring instrument used to determine the area of an arbitrary two-dimensional shape. A planimeter is a tabletop instrument for measuring areas, usually the areas of irregular regions on a map or photograph.


  • Easy roller operation.
  • Simply follow the outline of the area to be measured,
  • The reading on the digital display corresponds to the circumscribed area.
  • In addition, it has a computing function that gives the measurement readout in the scale desired – sq. ft., acres, etc.
  • Maximum measuring range: 325mm vertical; 30m horizontal Accuracy: Within +/-0.2 percent (within +/-2/1000 pulses.

SPECIFICATION: Offered in both the roller-type and polar-type models, this planimeter feature a unique 6-digit pulse count operation that permits cumulative measurement of areas up to 10m-100 times the measuring capacity of ordinary planimeter. Enhanced with advanced microprocessors for accuracy, these instruments are ideal for many applications where precise large area measurements are needed, such as in civil engineering, surveying, forest management, mapmaking and agriculture. Other features include hold and measuring control clear liquid crystal digital readout and scale readings in either Metric or English

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