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DESCRIPTIONS: Metallurgical Polishing Machine Assisted by an adroit professionals, we are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a superior quality range of Metallurgical Polishing Machines. The offered machines are simple and convenient, extensively used for rough and fine polishing of metallurgical specimens. Powered by high torque A.C/D.C motor, the machine has water faucet and smooth drainage system. Working: Specimen is held against a rotating flat disc, on which a polishing cloth, impregnated with suitable polishing media such as Silica Carbide powder, Polishing Alumina (all grades) and Hi fin Paste is stretched The disc is easily removable for quick changing of the Polishing cloth or Paper It can deliver mirror finished specimen completely scratch free and with minimum artifacts, divulging true micro-structure of parent material Features: Easily Replicator grinding and lapping discs Drainage System Noise Less operation Easy and quick clamping facility Higher results in measuring image analysis study.


  • Machine to suite the disc housing and to cover the disc plate by 180 degrees for safety.
  • Made   up of steel with air gripping arrangement to alundum disc and with locking system to keep the alundum disc in position.
  • At the back of the disc housing the pipeline connected to the dust- collecting unit.
  • In continues process, there is noise less operation. And anti   fungal, rust proof paint.
  • Magnetic holder for holding and polishing the coin sample.
  • Disc plate – made of steel with air gripping arrangement of the polishing disc and with locking system to keep the polishing disc in position


  • 8″(203 mm) Double Disc Polisher
  • Variable speed from 50-1000 RPM
  • Rigid table top corrosion proof FRP cabinet
  • Corrosion Resistant wash bowl free flow drain
  • DC Drive width LED Display
  • Flexible water jet with control valve
  • Holding Spring (SS)


  • L x W x H: 700 x 640 x 300 mm
  • Weight: 45kg


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