This testing machine is available as a worktop model with compact dimensions, which requires only a minimum of space. All hydraulic and electronic control and drive units are enclosed in a sturdy sheet metal housing. The necessary control elements are clearly laid out on the front panel.

When carrying out the Cupping Test the sheet metal specimen in the form of a strip is inserted in the test cylinder and centralized by locating diagonally. After pressing the “Start” push button the sheet holder force of 10kN as well as the drawing speed – both conforming to the standards – are adjusted automatically and the test procedure is initiated. As the testing machine is equipped with the function “automatic stop at specimen failure” the cupping procedure is automatically interrupted when a crack appears so that an objective test result will always be achieved. It is possible to delay the crack detection using a potentiometer. Often this facility is necessary for testing thicken sheet metal panels in order to achieve a uniquely defined crack in conformity with the standards.

This is designed to reveal the cupping qualities of metal sheets & strips and also to test the adhesion, elasticity & porosity of coasts of plants or varnish by way of comparison. The appearance of material & also of its constitution to some extent. The Machine Conforms to IS: 10175-1982.


  • Lowering of manufacturing costs by making spot checks on the drawing quality of cold rolled sheet during production or in the process department.
  • Sorting out of material of lower quality arriving at the Goods Inwards Department. Without special test preparation it is immediately possible to establish if the material supplied has the prescribed drawing quality.
  • Determining the most appropriate sheet thickness for a particular drawn work piece to optimize the ratio of price to suitability for the manufacturing process.


Sample Width70 to 90 mm
Sample Thickness0.1 to 2 mm
L.C. of Micrometric Device0.05 mm
One turn of wheel1.25 mm advance of penetrator


  • L x W x H : 450X500 X500 mm
  • Weight: 50Kg


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