Load frame for universal compression test of rocks 12 speed 200 kn



Model: CL-1191

Origin: India

Standards: ASTM 2938

Specification: This equipment is used for determining unconfined compressive strength of intact rock core specimens. The rock sample is cut to length and the ends are machined flat. The specimen is placed in a loading frame and if required heated to the desired test temperature. Axial load is continuously increased on the specimen until peak load and failure are obtained.

The equipment consist of the following replaceable parts :

  •  Load frame, 200 kn capacity 12 speed from 0.0064 to 1.25 mm/min
  •  Proving ring, 200 kn with calibration certificate
  •  Dial gauge 25mm travel, 0.01mm least count.
  •  Platen set as per ASTM 2938 requirements
  •  Platen set as per ASTM 2938 requirements
  •  Horizontal clearance 300 mm
  •  Vertical clearance 750 mm
  •  Maximum platen diameter 198 mm
  •  Maximum platen travel 100 mm
  •  Specimen diameter 38 mm to 100 mm
  •  Can test AX, BX, NX rock specimen upto 100 mm


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