Marshall Stability Test Apparatus


Make: Metlor

Model: CL-1154

Origin: India

Standards:ASTM: D 1559 T- 62. BS 598-107

Specification: Marshall Apparatus Consists Of:

  •  Robust construction
  •  50KN capacity
  •  Rate of travel 50.8mm/min
  •  Safety cut-off switch

It consists of body housing, a geared screw jack and motor drive mechanism suitable for operation on 230 V, 50Hz, Single Phase, A.C. supply.

Breaking Head Stability Mould, with a dial gauge ( having 25mm travel and 0.01mm least count), for flow measurement 1 No.
Compaction Mould, Steel cylindrical 3 Nos.
Base Plate 3 Nos.
Extension Collar 3 Nos.
Compaction Pedestal, Manual Operation, Comprising a steel plate capped on a wooden post. A Mould Clamp is fitted to the top of the plate . 1 No.
Compaction Hammer, satisfies BS 598. The hammer has a 4535 g sliding weight with a free fall of 457 mm 2 Nos.
Load Transfer Bar 1 No.
Paper Discs, Non absorbent, 11 cm diameter pack of 100 No. 1 Pkt.


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