Melt Flow Index Tester

Product Details:

Voltage230 V
Frequency50 Hz
Actual Size12 (W) x 18 (D) x 24 (H)
Timer99.9 minute (Digital
Desiccators DiameterNA
Single Phase Vacuum LevelNA

Asian Melt Flow Index Tester for plastic measures the melt flow index of the plastic material. The system consists of a heated extruder tube, an interchangeable jet through which the material under test is extruded, and a piston with dead weights to apply the specified pressure on the material inside the extruder tube. The extruded tube is made from carbon steel and is heated by means of a Bend Heater, which surrounds its outer circumference. A PID controller is provided to indicate & control the temperature of the tube. The heater clogged with mineral wool insulation. The assembly is fixed on a rigid stand. The bottom of the tube is lagged with an insulation of PTFE to prevent sticking of the extrudate. The jet through with the extruder is pushed out is made from hardened and ground die steel. It is held at the bottom of the extruder tube. The piston made from silver steel relieved at the upper end is provided to push the extrudate out of the jet. The piston moves inside the cavity of the tube. A sleeve to provide to guide the relieved portion of the piston. The top of the piston carries a plate-form for keeping the load on. The plate-form is thermally insulated from the load. The extruder tube assembly is mounted on a metal box. A sheet metal control panel is mounted on the side of the equipment & houses the PID Controller, DIGITAL PRESET TIMER & other electronic components. Cleaning tools for tube cavity and jets & stoppers & cutter for the extrudate are also supplied with the equipment.

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