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We are the field of manufacturing and supplying of weather monitoring system. Hydrological, Metrological, Sail testing, Forestry, Agro meteorological, Scientific instruments nad data Loggers for past several years. We have a core group of engineers who have over two decades of experience in Reseach and Development, measurement meterological parameters and in the design of wetness recorders, plant canopy  analyzer etc. sensors for these parameters & support system. Soil testing Instruments i.e  Soil moisture we have well qualified technical staff engagged and temperature records, tensiometer etc. in the manufacturing, installation and forestry equipments (i.e tree height maintenance of meterological,
Hydrological, Gauge, Clinometers, GPS etc. Sensors and systems. Along side instruments scientific instruments
& data loggers. supplied by us have been in regular operation all over india and south asia.

Our Products

Civil Engineering Lab Equipments

  • Concrete Testing Lab Equipment
  • Cement Testing Lab Equipment
  • Soil Testing Lab Equipment
  • Bitumen Asphalt testing Lab Equipment
  • Aggregate Testing Lab Equipment

Poker Vibrator

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1015 Origin: India Standards: EN 12390–2; ASTM C31, C192; AASHTO T23, T126 Specification: The poker vibrator is ideal for…

Straight Edge

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1017 Origin: India Standards: Specification: Used to remove excess material when molding cube and cylinder specimens. Conduction slump…

Tamping Bar

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1018 Origin: India Standards: General Properties: Concrete tamping bar for use with concrete test cube moulds. Milled…

Bulk density apparatus

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1058 Origin: India Standards: EN 459-2 General Descriptions: Used for determining the bulk density of lime by the…

Reactivity test apparatus

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1059 Origin: India Standards: EN 459-2 General Descriprions:Ground quicklime shall be tested for their reactivity with this apparatus…

Air content meters

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1060 Origin: India Standards: EN 459-2 | EN 413-2 | EN 1015-7 General Descriptions:hese apparatus have been designed…

Automatic Vicat apparatus

Make:Metlor Model: CL-1063 Origin: India Standards: EN 196-3, 13279-2, 480-2, ASTM C191, C187 General Description:LabTek have long tradition in manufacturing automatic…

Muffle furnace, 1200C

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1066 Origin: India Standards: EN 196-2 General Description:Used for determining the loss on ignition of cement and building…


Particle size analysis set: Pipette method

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1084 Origin: India Standards: IS 2720 (PART IV) AND BS 1377:2. Specification: This is for the determination of the sub sieve particle distribution in a soil sample by mechanical…


Particle size analysis set: hydrometer method

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1085 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D 422 AASHTO T 88, BS 1377-2. Specification: This equipment is used to determine the quantitative size distribution of very fine particle in soils…


Water level indicators

Make Metlor Model: CL-1086 Origin: India Specification: The water level indicators (electric contact meters) are portable, easy-to-use and reliable instruments for measuring water level and total depth in bore holes, wells,…


Field inspection testing kit

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1087 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D2573 Specification: Ideal for geotechnicians, geologists and agronomists. It consists of the 0163 Pocket penetrometer and of the 0174 Field inspection pocket vane tester….


Vane Shear Test Apparatus Motorised

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1088 Origin: India Standards: Specification: Consists of a torque head adjustable in height by means of a lead screw rotated by a drive wheel to enable the vane…


Vane Shear Test Apparatus

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1089 Origin: India Standards: IS 4434-1967 Specification: The apparatus is designed for conducting in situ vane shear test from bottom of a bore hole in saturated cohesive deposits for…


Dial penetrometers

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1090 Origin: India Standards: Specification: Three versions available: 0160 and 0162 respectivety for soft soil and medium/hard soil; 0161 complete with 5 different plungers used to evaluate…


Pocket penetrometers

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1091 Origin: India Specification: Designed for making field classification of cohesive soils in terms of consistency, shear strength and approximate unconfined compressive strength. Stainless steel construction. Tip Diameters:…


Proctor penetrometer

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1092 Origin: India Specification: Used for establishing the moisture content-penetration resistance relationship of fine-grained soils. It consists of a special spring dynamometer with pressure indicating scale on the…


Load ring penetrometer

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1093 Origin: India Standards: Specification: Used for measuring the bearing strength and compaction degree of soils. The apparatus consists of a “T” shaped handle connected to a load…


Automatic Digital Bitumen Penetrometer

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1131 Origin: India Standards: EN 1426; ASTM D5; AASHTO T49 Specification: The Automatic Electronic Penetrometer is used for determination of the needle penetration according to EN 1426, ASTM D5…

Mastic Asphalt Tester

Mastic Asphalt Tester

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1132 Origin: India Standards: IS 1195 Specification: For determining the hardness number of Mastic Asphalt for flooring. It consist of an internally insulated cabinet to the base of which…

Automatic Ring And Ball Apparatus

Automatic Ring And Ball Apparatus

Make:Metlor Model: CL-1133 Origin: India Standards: EN 1427; ASTM D36; AASHTO T53 Specification: The Automatic Ring and Ball Apparatus is an innovative microprocessor controlled automatic tester which is used to determine the…


Standard Penetrometer

Make:Metlor Model: CL-1134 Origin: India Standards:ASTM D5, BS 2000 Specification: It consists of a vertical pillar mounted on a base provided with leveling screws. The head, together with dial plunger rod…


Asphalt Content Tester

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1135 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D6307 & EN 12697 39 Specification: Asphalt Content Tester is used to determine the asphalt content of hot mix asphalt (HMA) and pavement samples…


Travelling Beam Device

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1136 Origin: India Standards: Specification: The Travelling Beam Device is used to check for any irregularities in both concrete and bituminous road surfaces. A sensing unit comprising a…


Stripping Value Apparatus

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1137 Origin: India Standards: Specification: A circular tray rotates in a vertical plane at a rate of approximately 100 R.P.M. by an electrical geared motor. 4 bottles of…


Solvent Recovery Unit

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1138 Origin: India Specification: On-flammable solvent liquids used for the binder extraction test can be successfully recovered using the solvent recovery unit. The recovery unit consists of two…


Rolling Thin Film Oven

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1139 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D 2872 Specification: The superpave PG binder specification looked for tests which would closely simulate field performance. Hotmix asphalt binder experiences significant aging during…


Refrigerated Ductility Test System

Make:Metlor Model: CL-1140 Origin: India Standards: Specification: With refrigeration system and micro-processor based digital temperature controller. Ductility is defined as distance in cm to which a standard briquette of bitumen can…


Climatic Chambers

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1155 Origin: India Standards: EN 1367-1 | EN 196-1 Specification: Advanced controller with cycle programmer for 50 programs and 1000 segmants Temperature sensor movable inside the cabinet or…


Sand Equivalent Test Set

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1156 Origin: India Standards: EN 933-8 | ASTM D2419 Specification: he two sets comprises: four measuring cylinders, two rubber stoppers, measuring can, irrigator tube, siphon assembly with bottle, weighted…


High Capacity Sieve Shaker

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1157 Origin: India Standards: EN 932-5 Specification: Ideal for sizing large quantities of crushed stones, sand, gravel, slag, coal, coke, ores, pellets and similar materials. The sieve shaker has…


Efflux Index Apparatus

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1158 Origin: India Standards: ASTM C1252 | CNR N.113 | NF P18-564 | EN 933-6 Specification: Used to measure the efflux index of fine aggregates (shape and angularity). The…


Scratch Hardness Apparatus

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1159 Origin: India Standards: ASTM C851 Specification: Determines quantity of soft particles in coarse aggregates on basis of scratch hardness. Apparatus consists of 0.0125″ (1.6mm) dia. brass rod with rounded…


Sand Absorption Cone And Tamper

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1160 Origin: India Standards: ASTM C 128 AASHTO-T-84 Specification: The equipment comprises of a conical metal mould 1.5 inch dia at to top, 3.5 inch dia at base and…


Alkali Aggregate Reaction Bath

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1161 Origin: India Standards: ASTM C227 Specification: The Alkali Aggregate Reaction Bath is used to keep 25 x 25 x 285 mm samples in NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) or in any other…


Quantab Chloride Titrator Type

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1162 Origin: India Standards: BS 1377:3 Specification: This method provides a measurement of water soluble chloride salts present in a soil or aggregate sample. It is based on the…


Microlance Instant Moisture & Temperature Tester

Make:Metlor Model: CL-1164 Origin: India Standards:  Specification: This instrument measures the moisture and temperature of building materials (such as sand, aggregates and mixes) at depths up to 1 m approx., simply…

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  • Steel Testing Lab Equipment
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  • Structural Engineering Lab Equipment

Asphalt & Concrete Floor Saw

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1200 Origin: India Standards:  Specification: Driven by electrical motor or by engine as per customers requirement. Diamond blade from 350 to 500 mm maximum can be supplied as…


Rock/Concrete Cutting Machine

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1201 Origin: India Standards:EN 12390:3, ASTM C42 Specification: Electrically operated with cooling system. Masonary Table SawFor people who work with stone, brick, large tiles or blocks, it goes…


Core Cutting/Core Drilling Machine (Motorised)

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1202 Origin: India Specification: Rated Voltage: ~220 V / 50Hz Power Input: 2800W No-Load Speed: 840rpm Max. bit diameter: Ø50mm/100mm/150mm Shaft Male: 1 1/4″UNC Features: Compact size…


Portable Core Cutting Drilling Machine Petrol Driven

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1203 Origin: India Standards:  Specification: Compact and portable Labtest core drilling machine is designed to cut cores up to 200 mm diameter from concrete, asphalt and similar hard…


Core Cutting / Core Drilling Machine (Petrol)

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1204 Origin: India Standards:  Specification: Suitable to cut/drill cores of concrete, rocks, stones, tiles or the similar materials. The machine is suitable for core samples of size upto…


Electronic Balance

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1215 Origin: India Standards: IS Specification: Single-block weighing technology ensures greater precision Backlight display provides clearer view of results Simple menu navigation with easy access to advanced…


Heavy Duty Balance

Make: Metlor model: CL-1216 origin: India The Heavy-Duty Solution Balance is a dual beam mechanical balance with a maximum capacity of 20 kilograms and a readability of 1 gram. A…


Triple Beam Balance

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1217 Origin: India Well-equipped to weigh solids, liquids, powders or even animals. Effective magnetic damping of Triple-Beam Balances coupled with appropriate beam capacity reduces oscillation and speeds weighing process. Description:…


Triple Beam Balance With Vernier

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1218 Origin: India This Balance is a favorite in classrooms and industries worldwide. The balance offers high precision and remarkable value. The three-point base, special floating bearing principle and beam design…


Fume Hood Cabinet

Make: Metlor Model: CL-1219 Origin: India Standards: BS, IS, ASTM, AASHTO These hoods are suitable for providing personal protection needed for general chemistry applications involving fumes and vapors. They meet the SEFA-1 standard of…



Make: Metlor Model: CL-1220 Origin: India Sturdy, economical tools for handling, transferring, blending, or collecting chemical and biological samples. Set of 7 Spatulas: 3 in. (7.6 cm), 4 in. (10.2 cm), 5 in….


Mortar And Pestle (Porcelain)

Make: Metlor model: CL-1221 origin: India Use mortar and pestle chemistry sets to crush up solid chemicals into smaller pieces, or to grind solids into fine powder. This makes it…


Rubber Tubing

Make: Metlor model: CL-1222 origin: India This 5 mm (3/16″) flexible rubber tubing is the right size for connecting 5-6 mm glass tubes in stoppers or other small diameter fittings….


Tripod Stand

Make: Metlor model: CL-1223 origin: India BurnerBunsen burner, universal Tripods Tripod, 100 mm ID x 150 mm high Tripod, 150 mm ID x 230 mm high Iron wire gauzes Iron…


Daily Rain Gauge

Make: Metlor model: CL-1224 origin: India With the aid of our proficient professionals, we have been able to come up with a gamut of Daily Rain Gauge. Other detail: Wide assortment…

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