Toe Cap Impact Tester

Toe Cap Impact Tester is made on a horizontal platform which has two guide bars which guide the impact weight. There is a mild steel plunger of specified dimensions which is used the intermediate parts between the impact weight and the toe cap. The plunger is freely supported by the toe cap. The base of the machine is placed on the hard wood of specified dimensions. A capsule for measuring the clearance at the time of maximum depression is also supplied with the instrument. All the parts are either painted or chrome platted to give the instrument a corrosion free long life.

  • Mass of Falling Block: 10.0 – 0.1 kg and 20.0 – 0.2 kg
  • Clamping Block: 150 x 150 x 19 mm, hardness at least 60 HRC
  • Impact Energy: 100 – 2 Joule and 200 – 4 Joule
  • Height of fall: 1020 – 10 mm
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