TUF – 2000H Handled Ultrasonic Flowmeter


  • High Accuracy measuring :- Accuracy: ±1%, linearity: 0.5%, repeatability: 0.2%
  • Wide measuring range :- Several types transducer for selection, measuring pipe size from DN15mm to DN6000mm
  • Large capacity battery :- Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery, provide over 12 hours of continuous operation
  • Non-intrusive measuring :- Non-intrusive, clamp-on transducer, no pressure drop, no pipe disturbance
  • Support Multiple Language Menu :- Chinese, English, Italian and other languages can be customized
  • Large LCD display :- Display instantaneous flow, accumulated flow (positive, negative and net), velocity, working status etc.
  • Built-in data logger :- Built-in 24K data logger, store over 2000 lines measuring data


ItemsPerformance & partner
ConverterPrincipalTransist-Time Ultrasonic flowmeter
Display4 X 16 character LCD with backlight, support the language of Chinese, English, Italy
Data Interface
Insulate Rs232 serial interface, upgrade the flowmeter software by computer
Single Output
3 way 4~20mA input, accuracy 0.1%, acquisition signal such as temperature, press and liquid level
Connect the temperature transducer Pt100, can finish the heat/energy measurement
Data Interface
Insulate Rs485 serial interface, upgrade the flowmeter software by computer, support the MODBUS
Pipe Installation ConditionPipe Material Stainless steel, Cast iron, Copper, Cement pipe, PVC, Aluminum, Glass steel product, liner is allowed
Pipe Dimention25 ~ 6000mm
Straight PipeTransducer installation should be satisfied: upstream 10D, downstream 5D, 30D from the pump
Measuring MediumType of Liquid Single liquid can transmit sound wave, such as Water (hot water, chilled water, city water, sea water, waste water, etc.);
Sewage with small particle content; Oil (crude oil, lubricating oil, diesel oil. fuel oil, etc.); Chemicals (alcohol, etc.); Plant effluent; Beverage;
Ultra-pure liquids, etc.
Temerature-30 160°C
TurbidityNo more than 10000ppm and less bubble
Flower Rate0~+-10m/s
Working EnvironmentTemeratureConvertor: -20 60°C: Flow Transducer: -30~160°C
Humidity Convertor: 85% RH; Flow Transducer: Ip67
3 AAA built-in Ni-MH batteries 1.2V (for over 12 hours of operation). 90V-260V AC adapter


1. 5W
Cae MaterialABS
Dimension132*150*85 mm(convertor))

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