An amateur astronomer’s dream, It reaches deep into space , providing wondrous views of planetary detail, nebulae, star clusters and galaxies, Credit its high-performance to Newtonian METLORl system at the heart of which lies and 8” (200mm) primary mirror of 1200mm focal lengthy, The mirror pulls in 73% more light than that of  a 6” mirror, bringing many more celestial objects into view . Mirror diameter : 20mm, Secondary Mirrorx, (Elliptical)

Focal Length: 1200mm, Resolving Power : 0.6 arc sec.

Magnitude of the faintest star: 13:3, Weight: 25-28Kgs.

Magnification Power obtained using:

10x 12.2mm 12.5mm +2Barlow 12.5mm +3xBalrow 12.5mm +4xBarlow

42x 96x 192x 288x 334x 15x 15+2x Barlow 15+3x Barlow

15x+4x Barlow 72x 144x 192x 288x

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