Sporting the classic long-tube Newtonian design, the Voyager I provides great all –around viewing performance. One minute you can be studying lunar crator formation at high power and the next, the ethereal glow of a nebulae star factor. A few minutes later, the ringed visage of Saturn, All several in crisp detail by way of the Voyager’s light gathering 125mm(5) primary mirror of 1050mm focal length. The Voyager gathers 80% more light than the Sky Scanner.


Mont type: Equatorial, Primary mirror diameter :125mm

Secondary mirror diameter: 31 44mm

Focal length: 1050 mm, Resolving power: 0.9arc sec.

Magnitude of the faintest star seen: 12.3

Magnification Power Obtained Using: 25mm (10X)wide field, 12.5 mm 12.5mm +2Barlow 12.5 mm +3xBalrow12.5mm+4x Barlow 2x84x252x252x336x

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