The standard weather station offers professional weather monitoring and outstanding value for money .Our weather station are known for their precision measurements under rugged construction. Wide operating temperature rage and low power consumption. The standard weather Station consists of a weather proof enclosure which contains the data logger and power supply and comes complete with solar panel, tripod stand and basic range of sensors. The Weather Stations powered by rable sealed maintenance free battery with integral 12 v/ 10 w soar panel which keeps the battery easily charged throughout the year. The location of your Weather is critical of the measurement are to be meaningful. The type of ground vegetation building are powered directly from the data logger and need no external signal conditioning . Brief specification sensors are powered directly from the data logger and need no external signal conditioning. Brief specification  are shown below.
Datalogger  Display: 16 Character 2 lines LCD
Sensor Input : Air Temperature, Relative Humidity Wind Speed, Wind Direction & Rain
Real Time Clock: provided Date Storage: 128 KePROM
Power Supply : 12 V/ 7Apm. Maintenance free battery
Battery Charging: through solar panel
Tower: Adjustable 6 to 10 feet .
Logging Interval: Programmable form 1 min to 24 Hour
Operating Temperature: 0 to 500 500C
Operating Humidity: 0 to 9% non condensing.
Data Retrieval: Through Pocket able Data shuttle to computer.
Air Temperature:  Relative Humidity:
Type : Digital Sensor Range
Range : 40 to 128oC: 100%
Accuracy: ±0.5 oC@ 25oC Accuracy: ±3.5%RH, Typical
Resolution : 0.5% RH.Typical
Resolution: 0.1o Typical . Resolution: 0.5%RH, Typical .
Long term stability : Type<1% Rh/Year
Repeatability :±0.1 %
Rain fall :                                             Wind Speed:
Sensor : Tipping Bucket Rain gauge     Sensor : 3 Cup Anemometer.
Least Count: 0.2 mm Sensing:               Upto coupler
Sensing : Magnet & Reed Switch           Accuracy : Better than 0.5 m/s
Capacity : unlimited.
Material Used: Non corrosive.
Material Used: Non corrosive.
Wind Direction
Sensor : Wind vane
Sensing : Potentiometric
Range : 0 to 360 Degree
Resolution : 1 Degree
Material Used: Non corrosive.

Data Shuttle :
The data shuttle is a pocket- sized device that can be used to download and transport the date to a Personal Computer allowing the loggers to stay in place for continuous monitoring /recording. The shuttle connects to a PC and is used with the turn Key software to read out and view the data .User friendly Windows based Weather Station Software allows you to view collected data. Data file is saved in Microsoft’s Excel format.

Optional Sensor:
–        Water Temperature – Soil Moisture
–        Atmospheric Sensor(Barometer)- Solar Radiation
–        Dew Point  – Soil Temperature
– Leaf Wetness – Evaporation


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