Automatic Cloud and Pour Point Analyser


Make: Metlor

Model: SL-FT-014

Standard: ASTM D2500, D5771, D5772, D5773

For Petroleum Products, cloud point and pour point of a petroleum product is an index of the lowest temperature of its utility for certain applications. The specimen is cooled at a specified rate and examined periodically. The highest temperature at which a cloud is first observed at the bottom of the test jar is recorded as the cloud point. The lowest temperature at which movement of the specimen is observed is recorded as the pour point.

Cloud Point Detection–The cloud point detection system provides automated sample testing with the accuracy and repeatability in accordance with ASTM D2500, D5771, D5772, D5773 and related international test methods. The sophisticated dynamic measuring system emits a light pulse every 1°C from a coaxial fiber optic cable positioned above the test sample. The light pulse is then reflected off the silver bottom test jar to an optical sensor. The advanced software package analyzes the response of the light pulse. The initial appearance of crystallization is monitored by light scattering, signifying the cloud point of the sample. All clear and transparent oils are readily measured by the detection system, regardless of sample color.

Conforms to the specifications of:

ASTM D2500, D5771, D5772, D5773; DIN 51597; IP 219, IP 444, IP 445, IP 446; ISO 3015

KLA-3 TS: ASTM D97, D2500, D5771, D5772, D5773, D5853, D5950; DIN 51597; IP 15, IP 219, IP441, IP 444, IP 445, IP 446; ISO 3015, ISO 3016

Temperature Range:

One-Stage: +60°C to -45°C
Two-Stage: +60°C to -80°C

Resolution: 0.06°C
Accuracy: ±0.1°C
Repeatability / Reproducibility: as per standard test methods or better
Data Storage: < 60,000 analyses

115V ± 15% / 60Hz
220V ± 15% / 50 to 60Hz

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