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METLOR Corporation

About Us

Two Decades Of Manufacturing Excellence With Quality At It's Best!

Metlor India is a prominent manufacturer and supplier specializing in weather monitoring systems, hydrological and meteorological instruments, soil testing devices, forestry equipment, agro-meteorological tools, scientific instruments, and data loggers. With several years of industry experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the field.

Our core group of engineers boasts over two decades of expertise in research and development, focusing on measuring meteorological parameters and designing advanced instruments such as wetness recorders and plant canopy analyzers. Our team is proficient in developing sensors and support systems for these parameters.

We offer a comprehensive range of soil testing instruments, including soil moisture and temperature recorders, tensiometers, and other forestry equipment such as tree height gauges, clinometers, and GPS sensors. Our well-qualified technical staff is dedicated to manufacturing, installing, and maintaining these meteorological and hydrological systems.

Our scientific instruments and data loggers are widely used across India and South Asia, demonstrating our commitment to quality and reliability in all our products.

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