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MODEL NO-AE-009 DESCRIPTION: The “ Metlor” cutaway model is carefully sectioned for training purposes, professionally painted with different colours to better differentiate


MODEL NO-AE-008 DESCRIPTION: The “ Metlor” cut section model of the turbocharger can enhance the students learning experience by showing the means


MODEL NO-AE-007 DESCRIPTION: The “ Metlor” Starting System Trainer allows for the demonstration of a complete starting system using real-world components. Key


MODEL NO-AE-006 DESCRIPTION: The “ Metlor” cut-away model shows very clearly and instructively the operating system of a planetary gear and the


MODEL NO-AE-005 DESCRIPTIONS: The “ Metlor” cut-away of an automatic transmission. This cut-away is carefully sectioned for training purposes. A hydraulic automatic


MODEL NO-AE-004 DESCRIPTION The “ Metlor” This real component trainer provides the instructor with a working light vehicle steering and suspension system


MODEL NO-AE-003 DESCRIPTION: The “ Metlor” Alternator Trainer Externally Regulated that allows instructors to demonstrate the operation of automotive charging systems with


MODEL NO-AE-002 DESCRIPTION: The “ Metlor” Air Bag Trainer allows students to understand the fundamentals of air bag systems as used in


Abs Braking System Training Board Simulator MODEL NO-AE-001 DESCRIPTION The “ Metlor” Fully functional ABS electronic braking system is installed in a

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