Cleveland Flash Point Apparatus


Make: Metlor

Model: SL-FT-008

Standard: AASHTO T48, ASTM D92, BS 2000 Parts 36 & 403 (obs), EN ISO 2592, FTM 791 1103.7, IP 36, JIS K2265, NF T60-118

The Seta Semi-Automatic Cleveland Open Cup flashpoint Tester is equipped with an electrically heated cup (with a variable control to set temperature rise rate), a button-operated and electrically driven sweep arm and a test flame which uses either mains or Seta Portable Gas Tank 13667-0. Easy to clean stainless steel case.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

This instrument is designed and made as per GB/T3536-2008 petroleum products

  1. Determining flash and fire points, Cleveland open cup method and ASTM D92 standard test method for flash and fire points
  2. Applicable for all petroleum products with flash points above 79℃ and below 400℃ except fuel oils
  • Main technical features:
    1. Adapts special heating furnace to ensure the safety of test
    2. The heating power is continuously adjustable
    3. It can meet requirements of test
    4. The instrument adapts desktop structure
    5. The stainless steel working table and furnace shell make it beautiful and elegant
    6. The instrument is fully self-contained complete
    7. The operator can do determination as long as connecting with coal gas or other civil gas
    8. It equipped with flame extinguishing cover which accords with requirements of tests
  • Main technical specifications and parameters:
    1. Power supply: AC (220 ±10%)V, 50Hz
    2. Heating device: quartz tube furnace heating, no naked fire, explosion prevented
    3. The power is adjustable from 0W to 600W
    4. Test flame applicator: applies the test flame automatically
    5. Thermometer: (-6 – 400)°C
    6. It is the same as thermometer ASTM 11C
    7. Igniting device:
      • Ignition source: coal gas (or civil gas, the same below)
      • Flame diameter is 3.2mm – 4.8mm
    8. Ambient temperature: (-10 – 50)℃
    9. Relative humidity: ≤85%
    10. Overall power consumption: ≤650W
    11. Overall dimensions: 350mm*290mm*350mm (thermometer is not included)
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