Multimeter or VOM (volt-ohm-millimeter) is a measuring instrument that comprises of different measurement functions into one unit. It is specialized in measuring voltage, resistance and current. Basically two types of Multimeter are available in the market namely analog Multimeter and digital Multimeter. They find their application in residential as well as commercial areas.

Digital Multimeter are designed and mass-produced for electronics engineers. Even the simplest and cheapest types may include features, which you are not likely to use. Digital meters give an output in numbers, usually on a liquid crystal display (LCD).


  • Display digits – A digital Multimeter has a three and a half display with three numeric characters on the right side showing the values ranging from zero to nine. A digital Multimeter displays numbers from zero to one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. Hence, a digital Multimeter is also known as two thousand count digital Multimeter.
  • Resolution – The resolution of a digital Multimeter relies on the maximum number of analog to digital converter. The theoretical resolution of a three and a half display Multimeter is point zero five percent whereas the practical resolution of this Multimeter is a number of least significant counts such as accuracy rating. The accuracy of a Multimeter depends on its resolution. A four and a half digit meter displays up to 19,999 counts of resolution.
  • Accuracy – Accuracy is basically the indication that how much the value measured by DMM is close to the actual value of the measured signal. If you hear a multimeter gives accuracy of one percent then it means that for the display with 100 volts, the actual value must be near 99 and 101 volts. Hence, the measuring instrument maintains accuracy.
  • Auto ranging – Auto ranging in multimeter is often referred to as dialing which is one of the features of digital Multimeter. Auto ranging is basically done to maintain accuracy while taking measurements. Through auto ranging user can quickly navigate through the instrument.
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