DESCRIPTION: A machinist square or engineer’s square is the metalworkers’ equivalent of a try square. It consists of a steel blade inserted and either welded or pinned into a heavier body at an angle of 90°.

A engineer’s square (machinist square) is the metalworkers’ equivalent of a try square. Machinist try squares are made entirely from metal to guarantee accuracy. A notch is cut in the stock in line with the inside edge of the blade for accurate measurement even when there is a burr on the edge of the work.


  • Laying out lines perpendicular to an edge or side of a board
  • Checking edges and ends of boards to see if they are square with adjoining surfaces
  • Checking the width or thickness of narrow boards
  • Measuring short distances
  • Checking flatness


The try square has a blade (straight edge) and a stock (beam), which are fixed together at exactly 90. The stock is much thicker than the blade. The edge of the blade and the stock are perfectly sharp and straight.

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