A caliper whose legs turn outward so that it can accurately measure inside dimensions, as the inside diameter of a pipe.

Inside calipers are used to measure inside dimensions such as the inside diameter of a tube, while outside calipers are used for measuring outside dimensions such as the outside diameter of a tube or a piece of bar stock. Because the arms on calipers are made of fairly light metal, they may be sprung out of shape quite easily. They require a light touch. The accuracy achieved in making measurements with simple calipers is very much dependent on the machinist.


  • Bow spring is flexible yet strong to assure reliable measurements
  • Legs made of flat stock for durability
  • High-grade steel is rugged
  • Centrally located adjustment to ensure smooth action
  • Curved tips for transferring the measurement of the internal size of an object
  • Made from high-grade steel
  • Legs made of flat stock
  • Fulcrum stud is hardened
  • Satin chrome finish for ease of reading and resistance to rust


·      Maximum Measurement 0-4″·      Item Weight    2.61 ounces·      Length 4 inches·      Range  0-4″·      Size     0-4″·      Special Features Spring-type, solid nut·      Style    A-4
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