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Make: Metlor Model: CL-1205 Origin: India Made of steel. Smooth platform underlaid with sound-insulating material, 80 mm folded edges, with safety crimping


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1206 Origin: India Set of 6 Roll set of miniature open-end wrenches 3.2 to 13 mm Set of 4


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1207 Origin: India Confidently remove infectious or toxic residue from labware with Spectrum’s selection of lab brushes. We carry


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1208 Origin: India Brick Trowel: Slightly rounded, diamond-shaped blade / Designed for laying brick, laying block, tamping and cutting bricks Finishing Trowel:


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1209 Origin: India Super for home duties like cleaning and washing; perfect for outside like Gardening and many, many more for everyday


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1210 Origin: India Featuring a long stem nozzle to aid in cleaning laboratories, wash bottles are usually constructed of squeezable plastic and


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1211 Origin: India The 10 Books per pack (Each book contain 20 Papers). High accuracy pH test paper, pH range from 2-10.5


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1212 Origin: India Dr. Watt filter paper [Blue box] Color: White Pkt of 100 piece. Thickness: 2 mm Included Items: 1 Pack


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1213 Origin: India Our range of portable Pen Type meters are economical range of easy to use and reliable hand held pen


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1214 Origin: India Standards: BS, IS, ASTM, AASHTO The latest HI98103 Checker and HI98100 Checker Plus are the next generation of the original


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1215 Origin: India Standards: IS Specification: Single-block weighing technology ensures greater precision Backlight display provides clearer view of results


Make: Metlor model: CL-1216 origin: India The Heavy-Duty Solution Balance is a dual beam mechanical balance with a maximum capacity of 20


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1217 Origin: India Well-equipped to weigh solids, liquids, powders or even animals. Effective magnetic damping of Triple-Beam Balances coupled with appropriate beam


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1218 Origin: India This Balance is a favorite in classrooms and industries worldwide. The balance offers high precision and remarkable value. The three-point


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1219 Origin: India Standards: BS, IS, ASTM, AASHTO These hoods are suitable for providing personal protection needed for general chemistry applications involving fumes


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1220 Origin: India Sturdy, economical tools for handling, transferring, blending, or collecting chemical and biological samples. Set of 7 Spatulas: 3 in.


Make: Metlor model: CL-1221 origin: India Use mortar and pestle chemistry sets to crush up solid chemicals into smaller pieces, or to


Make: Metlor model: CL-1222 origin: India This 5 mm (3/16″) flexible rubber tubing is the right size for connecting 5-6 mm glass


Make: Metlor model: CL-1223 origin: India BurnerBunsen burner, universal Tripods Tripod, 100 mm ID x 150 mm high Tripod, 150 mm ID


Make: Metlor model: CL-1224 origin: India With the aid of our proficient professionals, we have been able to come up with a


Make: Metlor model: CL-1225 origin: India Hardened stainless steel construction with 4 way measurement: outer diameter, inner diameter, depth, and step. Readout


Make: Metlor model: CL-1225 origin: India The Wire Gauge can measure from 1 to 36 and hence is most versatile in application


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1227 Origin: India Digital Display Easy To Read, Stable Microprocessor For Accurate Readings Buttons: On/Off, Zero, Mm With Data Output Port With


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1228 Origin: India Attractive Shape And Elegant Design Complimented By Uncompromising Performance ! With 0.01mm Reading ,Range 10mm & Graduation 0-100 Well-Balanced


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1229 Origin: India Specification: This series of thermocouple thermometers are micro controller based testers. With very intuitive interface, the user can fully


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1230 Origin: India Specification: Large character LCD display, easy to read  Temperature, Humidity and Clock display simultaneously  Hourly chime, Daily alarm function


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1231 Origin: India A maximum–minimum thermometer. The scales are Fahrenheit on the inside of the U and Celsius on the outside. The current temperature is


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1232 Origin: India Specification: Types of room thermometer are normal room thermometer. Range -30 to +60ºC


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1233 Origin: India General Purpose Liquid-in-Glass Partial Immersion Thermometers are ideal for use in chemical laboratories, universities, scientific institutions, food and beverage


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1234 Origin: India DIAL THERMOMETERS work on principle of bi metal expansion. Scale or range of temperature which DIAL THERMOMETER can measure may very from


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1235 Origin: India Evaporating dishes are shallow open containers used for the evaporation of solutions and supernatant liquids to produce a concentrated


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1236 Origin: India Specification: Model No. Description Capacity SUN-010-A Graduated Pipette 10 ml (nominal) SUN-010-B Graduated Pipette 20ml (nominal) SUN-010-C Bulb Pipette


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1237 Origin: India Incubators are designed fabricated & tested to suit various applications in growing field of Medical Agriculture.Research Laboratories of Hospital/Bio-Tech


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1238 Origin: India Furnaces are offered in standard sizes from 0.5 to 7.5 cubic feet for applications to 2350 °F. All furnaces


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1239 Origin: India Light Weight with ceramic fibre wool insulation (instead of brick insulation). The outer casing is made of double walled


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1240 Origin: India Construction:Double/Triple walled outer body made of M.S. Sheet duly powder Coated angle Iron from at bottom with caster wheel


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1241 Origin: India Humidity Chamber offered are backed by latest technology support so as to provide precise relative humidity as well as temperature


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1242 Origin: India Vacuum pumps are used for a number of applications concerning, above all, De-Airing systems  of water. Water vapour sucked


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1243 Origin: India All Heating mantles are individually constructed and factory inspected for the highest electrical standards. Each heating element is incorporated


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1244 Origin: India This is heavy duty Model hot plate with a removable MS Plate / SS Plate at the top. The


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1245 Origin: India Wider plate having this Hot Plate unit is available for patrons in numerous patterns. Showing quick heating, these products are damage


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1246 Origin: India This range of ovens is designed for drying large quantities of soil and aggregate samples and maintains temperature in


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1247 Origin: India


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1248 Origin: India Matching the various IS standards are Shaker Water Bath made by a classic that reciprocates shaking motion application in the ever


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1249 Origin: India Our boiling water baths come in rectangular shape and engineered to meet most demanding needs of heated applications. We


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1250 Origin: India Brand Metlor Capacity 325 cc, 500 cc, 1000 cc, 2000cc and 5000cc Material of Construction Stainless Steel, Aluminium Finishing


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1251 Origin: India Laboratory clamps, stands and supports are used in combination for holding and securing other items of apparatus such as


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1252 Origin: India Specification: Different sizes made up of stainless steel.Sizes: 25 cm dia., 30 cm dia. and 40 cm dia


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1253 Origin: India We are an authentic supplier and trader of Enamel Tray. This product has wide usage in different laboratories in different


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1254 Origin: India To determine moisture contents in soil and other material. These are made from aluminium or stainless steel. Sizes available


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1255 Origin: India Volumetric Flask, Capacity 100ml Volumetric Flask, Capacity 500ml Volumetric Flask, Capacity 1000ml Conical Flask, Capacity 500ml (nominal) Conical Flask,


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1256 Origin: India These are commonly used at site for measurement of Silt & Sand, to measure the quantities of liquids these


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1257 Origin: India A tape measure, also called measuring tape, is a type of flexible ruler. Tape measures are made from a


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1258 Origin: India These original white polypropylene trays are for field work and general lab use. Polypropylene is resistant to most chemicals

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