Length comparator

Length comparator

Make: Metlor

Model: CL-1080

Origin: India

Standards: EN 1367-4 | UNI 8147 | UNI 8148 | EN 12617-4 | EN 12808-4 | ASTM C151 | ASTM C490 | UNI 8520:22 | UNI 6687 | EN 680

General Properties:
This apparatus is used for a number of length measurements concerning mainly cement and mortar specimens with different lengths. For this reason the reference rods are not included and have to be ordered separately, consulting for an easy and quick choice, the specification table. Two-column steel frame with adjustable top anvil to suit the specimen length. Fit with a digital gauge 12.5×0.001 mm.

  • Dimensions: 180x180x490 mm
  • Weight approx.: 10.5 kg

Including digital gauge 12.5×0.001 mm with serial output for PC connection.

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