Pavement Core Drilling Machine

Make: Metlor

Model: CL-1152

Origin: India

Specification: The Pavement Core Drilling Machine is petrol engine powered. Road/Building drill has been designed specifically for the purpose of drilling test cores from or holes in, Roads, Airport Runways, Bridges etc. The Machine comprises of two vertical support columns, which carry the Drill head/Engine assembly with the help of screwed spindle.
The 5 HP petrol engine with pulley mechanism works with minimum vibrations. The double precision bit advances with screwed spindle, which provides a constant, accurate drill pressure, minimum core chipping & long bit life. The complete assembly is supplied on a rigid metal base with leveling facility and is suitable for vertically down coring applications only.

Bit Diameter : Varying from 25mm to 150mm
Maximum depth of core : 700mm
Drill Speed : 475 & 800 R.P.M.
Guide Shafts : 50mm dia
Screwed Spindle : 20mm dia
Water Tap : 12mm
Drill Wrenches : Included
Water Tank : Included
Levelling Pads : Included

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