Precision laboratory balances, also called top loading balances, are a form of scale designed to offer highly accurate results, within the sub-milligram range. Used for the measurement of small samples, precision balances provide an accurate, quick, and simple way of determining the weight of items such as particulate matter. Electronic precision balances offer a wide range of weighing capacities, with maximum capacities up to 64 kg. They allow readability in the range of 1 mg (0.001 g) to 1 g, or 0-3 decimal places. High precision laboratory balances can extend this accuracy to 4 decimal places, on the display of the precision balance, 0.0001g (0.1mg) increments are used.


  • Easy-to-clean analytical draft shield
  • Up-front level indicator
  • Selectable environment settings
  • Flexibility of available options
  • Removable doors for easy cleaning and access
  • Up-front level bubble for easy reference
  • Selectable environmental settings
  • Integral underweight hook
  • Standard security bracket


  • Digital scale with 0.001g readability, works great for any of gold, diamond, jewelry, medicinal material, condiment, educational lab etc.
  • Accurate weighing: equipped with a high-precise sensor and balancing instrument, ensures accurate weighing.
  • Large LCD touch screen with blue backlight, the numbers are visible and easy to read.
  • Quick unit conversion: for easy weighing unit translations.
  • Tare/zero function allows you to measure messier ingredients.
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