Automatic Cutting Machine | MI 01 ACM

  1. Steel machine body, large closed cutting chamber.
  2. Manual and Automatic cutting modes are available.
  3. Digital display control system, cutting speed can be set directly.
  4. Automatic cooling system, avoid burning damage to specimen.
  5. Real time digital display feeding depth on LCD.
  6. Modular programming, suitable for sample preparation in batches.
  7. Cutting disc automatic resetting after cutting work is finished.
  8. Feeding speed can be preset before cutting.
  9. 60L Cooling water tank.
  10. Work table travel in Y direction 200mm.
DisplayLCD display with high resolution backlight
Cutting Capacity100 mm
Cutting MethodManual and automatic
Way of InfeedArbitrary adjustment
Infeed DistanceArbitrary set, adjustment and fixture position
Reset ModeAutomatic
Cooling SystemWater cooling with 3 ways
Effective Workpiece Length200mm
Spindle Speed2800 RPM
Coolant Tank Capacity65 liters
Cutting Wheel Dimension350mm X 200 X 3200
Motor4HP (3 kw), 380V, 50Hz
Dimension/Net Weight1650 X 680 X 740mm, 150kg
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