Cantilever & Tensile Tester

Mechanical failing load tester for insulator(Cantilever & Tension)

Name : Mechanical failing load tester for insulator (Cantilever & Tension)
Other Name : Cantilever/Tension failing load tester for ceramic/polymeric/glass insulator

This Mechanical failing load tester is designed to do type test and sample test on high voltage electrical insulators, testing their mechanical performance of cantilever failing load and tensile failing load. More than one type of machine produced by Contune International Corp have function of tensile test, and surely there are a lot of other types of testing machine which have function of cantilever (bending) test. This machine combines the two function into one machine.

In vertical direction, this testing machine can do tensile test for ceramic disc insulators, polymeric suspension insulators, polymeric tension insulators and glass disc insulators. In horizontal direction, a stable moving device is applied for cantilever test of ceramic post insulators, pin insulator (porcelain), polymeric pin insulators and polymeric post insulators. The tester is controlled by computer software. The testing strength ,time and testing procedure can be controlled, which make it available to conform testing procedure and acceptance criteria in IEC standard(60383.1). This software has clear view of entire test process, curve and number indicating all necessary test data live, result of which can be saved and printed, very convenient to operate.

Standard Applied : IEC 60383.1-1993 mod, GB/T 1001.1-2003, GB/T 19443-2004 “Insulators for overhead lines with a nominal voltage above 1000V”

Product Details :
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
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