Comparative Tracking Index Tester

Our company is involved in manufacturing Comparative Tracking Index Tester which is used to determine the comparative tracking index of solid insulating materials as per IEC 60112 2003-01. This tester works in a very precise manner and determines the resistance to tracking in insulating parts supporting live parts used for electrical accessories like switches, MCBs, plugs, sockets, starter holders, connectors and various others. It indicates the relative behavior of the solid electrically insulating material in comparison with their susceptibility to surface tracking when exposed, under electric stress, to water and other environmental contaminants.

Technical Specification:
  • Electrode Voltage Settings: 0 to 230V, 0 to 350V, 0 to 450V, 0 to 550V, 0 to 650V adjustable.
  • Short circuit release: 0.5 A for 2 sec
  • Force: 1.0 N
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