Computerized Brinell Hardness Tester (MI-3000 PC)

  1. Auto Measurement Mode : Automatically measure the Indentation with a single click and given the Brinell Hardness Value.
  2. Manual Measurement Mode : Manual measurement option is also available for the sample where surface quality is not good.
  3. Resolution : Resolution is 0.001mm which provide high repeatability of measurement.
  4. Hardness Conversion : The measured Brinell Hardness value can be converted to other hardness scales such as HV, HK, HRC, HRB, etc.
  5. Statistical Calculation : Statistical values such as average, min, max, standard deviation, Cp, Cpk, etc are automatically generated.
  6. Hardness Curve Graph : System automatically plots the hardness value vs test point depth graph and calculates the effective case depth.
  7. Working Data Saving and Retrieval : Software can save and retrieve the hardness measurement data and images in data files.
  8. Hardness Report : With a mouse click, the system automatically generates a Microsoft Word, Excel Document or PDF reports which contains the measurement data, statistical information, measurement images and the hardness curve graph. User may enter their own additional information for reporting.
  9. Calibration : For measurement applications, the camera can be calibrated with a stage micrometer ruler or grid.
  10. Calibration Management : Software allows user to save / manage multiple calibrations as per machine’s magnification.


Test Loads (kgf)250 to 3000 in stages of 250 kgf
Maximum Test Height (mm)380
Scale Least Count (mm)0.001
Throat Depth (mm)200
Weight (Approx) (mm)450
Power Supply (V/Cy/Ph)415/50/3
Measurement Range (mm)1-6
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