Cone Calorimeter

We are manufacturer, exporter & supplier of high-quality Cone Calorimeter from India. A cone calorimeter is a modern device used to study the fire behavior of samples of various materials in a condensed phase. It is widely used in the field of fire safety engineering & other related fields.

The test method is based on the observation that, generally, the net heat of combustion is proportional to the amount of oxygen required for combustion. The relationship is that approximately 13,1 × 103 kJ of heat are released per kilogram of oxygen consumed. Specimens in the test are burned under ambient air conditions, while being subjected to a predetermined external irradiance within the range of 0 kWm−2 to 75 kW m−2 and measurements are made of oxygen concentrations and exhaust gas flow rates.

The apparatus is made of following parts :
  • Cone-shaped radiant electrical heater
  • Radiation shield
  • Irradiance control
  • Weighing device
  • Specimen holder
  • Retainer frame
  • Exhaust gas system with flow measuring instrumentation
  • Gas sampling apparatus
  • Ignition circuit
  • Ignition timer
  • Oxygen analyser
  • Heat flux meters
  • Calibration burner
  • Data collection and analysis system
  • side screens
  • Smoke system thermocouple
Technical Specification:
  • Cone-shaped radiant electrical heater: 5 000 W at 230 VAC
  • Irradiance control: PID type up to 10000C
  • Weighing device: 1000 GM X 0.1 GM least count
  • Ignition circuit: spark plug powered from a 10 kV transformer
  • Oxygen analyzer: paramagnetic type, with a range of at least 0 % oxygen to 25 % oxygen
  • Heat flux meters: up to (100 ± 10) kW m−2
  • Calibration burner: square orifice with an area of (500 ± 100) mm2
  • Data collection and analysis system: NI software
Related Standards:
  • BS ISO 5660-1:2015
  • ISO 5660-1:2015(E)
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