Electro Mechanical Universal Testing Machine CEDN 01 SERIES

It is applicable for wide range of material for tension, compression, bending, shearing and low cycle test. Suitable for metal, rubber, plastic, spring, textile, etc. The Materials like rubber, plastics, fabrics, non ferrous metals, high strength steel (HSS), aerospace and automotive structures, screws, nuts, etc. can be tested as per different standards. It is widely used in the corresponding industries, research and development, test institutes and training centers etc.
1. Stroke protection: Over travel safety by fixed and adjustable limit switches at both ends.
2. Overload protection: by system setting.
3. Emergency stop: by emergency push button.
1. Adopt single column, double working space structure, upper for tensile & lower for compression (can be customized).
2. Machine base hosts the lower crosshead, the servomotor as well as the screw-ball driven mechanical transmission system.
3. Adopting ball screw drive, realize no clearance in transmission, make sure the precision control of the test force and test speed.
4. Precision AC Servo motor, AC Drive and High resolution photoelectric encoder for displacement measurement.

1. Automatic Display: During the whole testing process, the LCD real time display the testing force, peak value, displacement, testing speed and testing force – time curve, testing force – displacement curves.
2. Automatic Return: Beam automatically return to initial position when testing finished.
3. Breakage judgement: After sample fracture beam automatically stop moving.

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