MSCTM206EW Computer Control Compression Testing Machine

1.    Application

The testing machine tests the mechanical properties of cement, mortar, brick, concrete and other building materialswith servo motor acceleration and deceleration control technology, showing the load value, loading speed and loading curve. The test data is automatically processed, stored, and printed.This series compression testing machine is mainly

designed for compression test of building material items, such as concrete cube, concrete blocks, cement specimen, and bricks etc, also used for compression performance test of rubber pad and top forge test of metal. With new design idea and advanced technology, this series have more advantages in appearance, operation & applications. It is the ideal test equipment for quality control at industry & mineral enterprises, education in high schools, and technology researches at scientific institutes.

2.   Standards:

It is conformed to EN 12390-3, 12390-4; BS 1881,ASTM E4, ASTM C139, ISO7500-1, EN10002-2, BS 1610, DIN51220, C1231 –AASHTO T22 -NF P18-411 -UNE 83304, 7242 etc.

3.    Applicable Specimen size:

  • Extensive ranges for Cubic sample: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and more;
  • Rectangular sample: 400x200x200mm, 400x200x400mm etc;
  • Cylindrical sample 150x300mm, dia.100x200mm, dia. 200x400mm or others as per customer required.
  • Remark: test space can be customized according to specified specimen size

4.    Main Technical Parameters


Max. Load2000kN3000kN
Test space adjustment modeElectric ball screw adjust
Control methodComputer auto control loading process
Test class1 class
Load measuring range4-100% of F.S
Resolution of test power1/300000 F.S
Load accuracy±1.0%
Displacement measurement0.01mm
Displacement measurement accuracy≤±0.5%
Upper and low compression platen220x250mm300x300mm
Compression test space320mm400mm
Distance between two columns280mm300mm
Piston stroke30mm50mm
Piston diameter250mm300mm
Mainframe dimensions950x350x13001000x500x1450mm
WeightAbout 650KGAbout 1000KG
The total power of the power supply0.75KW, AC 380V±10%

5. Main Technical Parameters

    • High strength main unit- 1 set
    • one-piece Oil source control cabinet-1 set
    • High precision pressure sensor-1pc
    • computer- 1 set
    • HPA4 printer- 1 pc;
    • Compression grip– 1 set
    • High performance low noise plunger pump- 1set 5.8Three-phase asynchronous motor- 1set
    •  High precision electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve and valve block group- 1set 5.10Precision oil filter- 1pc
    • Jean type oil source control cabinet shell- 1set
    • Test and control system- 1set;
    • Test special software under WINDOWS – 1set
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