Portable Hydraulic Brinell Hardness Tester | MI-3000

  1. Test principle:
    Apply hydraulic principle permitting loading 3000kgf manually.
  2. On-site Testing:
    It could be applied in workshop, simple operation, easy carrying, and testing body hardness of large parts piece by piece.
  3. Permanent Indentation:
    By 3000Kgf and 10mm test ball, the indentation is permanent for re-inspecting.
  4. High Reliability:
    It follows Brinell hardness test method completely, the same as desk testers, reflecting the actual mechanical property of material or parts.
  5. High Accuracy:
    Indication error, repeatability error and test force accuracy comply with ISO, and ASTM standards, the same as desk testers.
  6. Wide Application Range:
    As long as clamped to the parts, it could test parts in any shape and size.
  7. Wide Test Range:
    It could test various common metal materials by its combination of different test force and test head, that is, wide test range.
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