Pressure Head Tester

The METLOR Pressure Head Tester made on a rigid platform, which consists of a central well fitted with a coaxial ring clamp to fasten the test piece over the well. The upper clamp has the up & down movement with the help of the screw/nut and handles mechanism. The distilled water is filled with the distilled water cup manually and the pressure sensor is also attached to the upper clamping well. The pressure, which is built in the water well while testing is digitally displayed. The lower ring is fixed to the bottom platform. There is a rubber ring attached to the ring for leak-proof of the sample to the water. The well & ring are made of aluminum and stainless steel respectively. There is a compressed air supply line which includes the pressure regulator, Burdon type pressure gauge, air filter, flow regulator and a flow meter. The pressure is controlled with the help of the pressure regulator and the rate of flow of air is controlled with the help of the flow regulator. This is a digital preset timer is also mounted on the panel for the time measurement of the pressure applied to the test specimen. Different models are available.

  • IS: 7016(7) – 1986: Method of Test for Coated and Treated Fabrics (Determination of Resistance of Penetration by water.)
Technical Specification:
  • Diameter of Test Specimen: 200 mm
  • Diameter of Test Area: 100 mm
  • Pressure Head: 300 mm of water column
  • Duration of Test: 60 minutes
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