Toxicity Chamber

METLOR Toxicity Chamber consists of an airtight enclosure of about 0.7m3 volume lined with opaque plastic sheeting having a hinged, fitted with a transparent plastic panel. Some gaseous products of combustion may react with or be absorbed by the walls of the chamber. So the inner wall has the lining of polypropylene and with polycarbonate, transparency window is provided. The chamber is fitted with a vacuum pump forced air extraction system, which can be closed at the exit from the chamber when required. The chamber is fitted with sampling positions such that the airtightness of the chamber is not impaired. The chamber is containing a mixing axial fan inside the chamber at horizontally and centrally inside the chamber at roof level to ensure rapid mixing of combustion products capable of being switched on and off externally. The burner is to be capable of achieving a flame approximately 100 mm in height. The burner is fitted at the center of the chamber. There is a provision is to be made for igniting and extinguishing the burner from outside the chamber. A digital temperature indicator is also mounted for the measurement of the temperature of the flame of the burner. The specimen support is an annulus cut from a sheet steel nominal thickness 2 mm of approximately 100 mm overall diameter with a 75 mm diameter hole carrying temperature resistance wires approximately 10 mm apart to form a lattice.

The complete assembly is equipped with a non-combustible side support arm to give a tennis racket appearance. This sample holder assembly has the provision of sliding of the sample without the leakage of the chamber. There are two flow meters are fitted to the instrument to fine control of the supply of natural gas and air. All the parts are either polished or painted to give the corrosion resistance long life. Gas detection tubes and its pumps are optional which will be supplied at the separate order as per customer requirement.

  • Volume: 0.7 m3
  • Height: Approximately 100 mm
  • Thickness: 2 mm of approximately 100 mm
  • Diameter: 75 mm diameter
  • Temperature resistance: Approximately 10 mm
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