Yarn Evenness Tester

METLOR Yarn Evenness Tester is a kind of Yarn Testing Equipment which is used to measures the yarn appearance on boards. Manual and motorized models are available. The system consists of a yarn wrap board and an arrangement to wrap the yarn over it at equal spacing under the desired tension. The board is rotated manually to wrap the yarn over it the yarn is guided on the board through a yarn guide which moves parallel to the pivoting axis of the board with the help of a screw giving uniformly spaced wraps. The guide is positively linked off the rotation of the board with the help of a chain and sprocket drive. A set of change gears gives five different spacing to the yarn for wrapping yarn of different counts. A spring loaded adjustable tensioning arrangement provides the desired tension to the yarn. The equipment is built on a rigid castled base. It is finished in dark gray painting and bright chrome/zinc plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish. Two numbers rectangular acrylic boards having one face white and the other face black to enable evaluation of both light and dark colored yarns are supplied as a standard accessory. Additional boards, both rectangular and tapered are available as optional accessories.

  • Size of tapered boards: 175 X 280/230 cm
  • Motor: 60 rpm synchronous motor (For Motorized Model)
Product Details :
Size of the Tester35 X 30 X 32cm
Size of Rectangular Boards175 X 280 cm
Standard Yarn Spacing16, 20, 26, 38, and 48 wraps/ inch
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