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Make: Metlor Model: CL-1190 Origin: India Standards:  Specification: Hoek Cells have been designed to be used for triaxial testing of rock specimens.Hoek Cells


Make:Metlor Model: CL-1191 Origin: India Standards: ASTM 2938 Specification: This equipment is used for determining unconfined compressive strength of intact rock core specimens. The


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1192 Origin: India Standards: IS 11309, ASTM D 4435 Specification: The objective of the test method is to measure the working


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1193 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D 4644 Specification: This test method has been developed to assess the deterioration of rocks over


Make:Metlor Model: CL-1194 Origin: India Standards: IS 10082-1982 Specification: The instrument is useful for testing specimen from 50mm dia to 100mm and of thickness


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1195 Origin: India Standards: ASTM D5731 Specification: Digital Point Load Test Apparatus consists of a 60 kN capacity load frame with


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1196 Origin: India Standards: IS 8764 Specification: Point Load Index tester, a rock testing instrument for determining the Diametrical Point


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1197 Origin: India Standards:  Specification: The automatic grinding machine provides fast grinding of cylinder specimen ends to obtain plane and


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1198 Origin: India Standards:  Specification: This unit is provided with a 1 HP Single Phase, A.C. motor This bench


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1199 Origin: India Standards:  Specification:  Table Mounted  Stable Construction Feed arrangement for cutting  Feed arrangement for cutting  Cooling water


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1200 Origin: India Standards:  Specification: Driven by electrical motor or by engine as per customers requirement. Diamond blade from 350


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1201 Origin: India Standards:EN 12390:3, ASTM C42 Specification: Electrically operated with cooling system. Masonary Table SawFor people who work with


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1202 Origin: India Specification: Rated Voltage: ~220 V / 50Hz Power Input: 2800W No-Load Speed: 840rpm Max. bit diameter:


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1203 Origin: India Standards:  Specification: Compact and portable Labtest core drilling machine is designed to cut cores up to 200


Make: Metlor Model: CL-1204 Origin: India Standards:  Specification: Suitable to cut/drill cores of concrete, rocks, stones, tiles or the similar materials. The machine

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