This big 6: mirror diameter telescope is the most popular internationally. If nebulae, galaxies and star cluster are your passion, you will enjoy exquisite wide-field views at low to medium power. If the moon and planets turn you on, crisp images will around, revealing subtle highlights and shadings, With the Sky probe you can resolve stars from the edges to the very heart of the Hercules Cluster, Study the majestic spiral of the Andromeda Galaxy and the minefield of stellar clumps and dark dust lane in the midst .Every hour of every observing session will feed your fascination.


Mount type: Equatorial, Primary mirror diameter: 150mm

Secondary mirror diameter: 31  44 mm

Focal length : 1050 mm, Resolving power : 0.8 arc sec,

Magnitude of the faintest star seen: 12.7

Magnification Power Obtained Using:

25mm wide field 12.5mm 125mm +2 Barlow 12.5mm +3xBalrow 42x  84x 168x 252x 12.5mm +4xBarlow 336x

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