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The most appropriate instrument for measurement of distance . It can work more accurately than measuring tapes and seven one operator can

190 mm circle station pointer, divide don brass to 1/20 on arc and minutes on Vernier, arms extending to 60 cms (24”)

Size 2 Meter Size 3 Meter

Gun metal frame , with Circle of 20 cm. radius, marked from 0 to 130 degrees, Direct reading up to 15 minutes 

75mm dia (3”) , divided from 0 to 140 degree, fitted with Vernier to read accurately one minute and with magnifier for

Fitted with double prisms in case.

Made of brass body & fitted with prism, in wooden box.

Circular type, made of brass and fitted with double reflecting mirror right & left to 90, in case.

Mae of brass PWD Pattern, heavy type in wooden box.

Open type, having 4 vanes at right angles, with pole having strong iron she at the bottom.        Supplied in wooden box.

With octagonal head, pole fitted with strong iron shoe at the  bottom Supplied in a wooden box.

Export Quality, powder coating, packed in canvas cover

For all topographical, preliminary surface & underground surveys, Made of gun metal and fitted with graduated Circle, engraved to 360 degrees, with

all topographical, preliminary surface & underground surveys, made of gun metal and fitted with graduated Circle, engraved to 360 degrees, with magnet

For all topographical. Preliminary surface & underground surveys Made of gun metal and fitted with graduated Circle, engraved to 360 degrees, with 

Showing level and gradients form 1 in 5 to 1 in 50 rise and fall, in leather sling case.

 With rack & pinion arrangement with face of Vane divided in one side for elevation and depression in degrees and on eh

With rack & pinion arrangement with face of Vane divided on one side for elevation in degrees and on the other side

75 mm (3”) with bar needle jeweled center and anodized dial. complete in leather sling case,    this useful instrument can be used

Cylone Types, with rack adjustment suitable for forest use, divided from 1 in 6 to 1in 120 angle of elevation and depression,

Cyclone Types, with rack adjustment suitable for forest use, divided from1in 6 to 1 in120 angle of elevation and depression, Complete in

Imported) in a leather sling case                                                          

(Imported) in a leather sling case                                                                 

 With improved reflector, Arc divided to single degree and adjusting screw to adjust Vernier and magnifying glass. Provided with slow motion arrangement

Made of steel.                                                                

Size 2 meter.                                                                       

Made of best quality double layer of drill cloth, The top layer is of Khaki color drill cloth and  the inner layer

  (A)    Swiss movement Mechanical  (B)     Electronic  

  Painted black and white alternative size                                                                 

“METLOR” RANGING ROD: Made of Steel conduit pipe, Alternatively painted black and white Fitted with strong iron shoe at the bottom.          

  (A) 10 Meters                                                                                      (B)   15 Meters                                                                                                           (C)   20 Meters            (D)   30 Meters                                                                                    (E)    50

(A)  3 Meters                                                                                                        (B)   5 Meters                                                                                                            (c)   10 Meters                                                                                                            (D)  15 Meters                                                                                                          (E) 20 Meters                                                                                                              (F)  30 Meters                                                                                                         

  (A) 10 Meters                                                                                                      (B)   15 Meters                                                                                                            (c)   20 Meters                                                                                                            (D)  30 Meters                                                                                                            


As per ISI Specificationhaving100 Linksiwth5 Arrows.

As per ISI Specification having150 Links with 10 Arrows.

Made of brass with graduated bubble and adjusting screws , in a highly polished wooden box, Size 150 mm.

Made of aluminum, size : 300 \

Rectangular pattern ,with properly magnetized needle and accurately divided in highly polished  wooden box.  Made of Aluminum                                                                                      Size 125mm                                                                                    

Size 600mm 750 size Plane Table Board with tachometric leveling head having 3 foot screws and tripod stand, Packed in Water proof

    Size: 750 mm 600 mm  As per I.S.I Specification made of best seasoned Fir wood with hard wood battens at the

Size 750 mm 600mm,Made of best seasoned Fir wood with teakwood battens at the back having slots for brass screws and washer,

(Re –conditioned ) English.

Size 100mm dia . made of gunmetal with metal circle graduated to full degree with two bubble and bar needle fitted with

Size 100 mm dia. As per NIF Specification, in F.R.P case with wooden stand.

Made of gunmetal and brass, fitted with quality agate stone. An Aluminum floating circle graduated to read 30 minutes with sliding lensetic

           Suitable for Electronic Theodolite and Total Station, packed in water proof canvas cover:                                                                                                               

Made of complete aluminum of Japanese pattern also confirming to I.S. specification with anodized heavy pattern, very sturdy and fitted with shoulder

Made of complete aluminum with anodized heavy pattern vey sturdy and fitted with shoulder strap, recom mended for all India Levels &

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