Tar Viscometer Apparatus Standard


Make: Metlor

Model: SL-FT-004

Standard: EN 12846 | EN 13357, IP-72 and IS 1206

Used for determining the viscosity of cut-back bitumen and road oil. The apparatus, housed in a stainless steel case, consists of a tank fit with a thermostat, a rheostat, an agitator, an immersion heater to take the water to the required temperature and cooling coil for connection to the water supply. The temperature is checked by a 0-45°C thermometer.  Cups to be ordered separately. See accessories.
EN 13357requires the 4 and 10 mm cups, EN 12846 requires the 2, 4 and 10 mm cups.

Tar viscometer apparatus as per IP-72 and IS 1206 standards. It is used for determination the viscosity of road oils and cut back bitumen. It consists s. S. Bath with cup of 10 mm or 4 mm orifice and sleeve, stirrer with lifting clip and ball. The assembly kept on suitable stand with leveling screws. Suitable to operate on 220 volts ac mains.

  • Electrical heating with energy Regulator Control
  • Electrical heating with Digital Indicator and Regulator
  • Power: 300 W
  • Overall dimensions: 262x262x550 mm
  • Weight approx.: 10 kg

Optional Accessories:

  • Spare Silver Plated Cup 10mm or 4mm orifice
  • Measuring Cylinder 100 ml cap.
  • IP 8C (0 / 45°C x 0.2°C) Low range Thermometer
  • IP 9C (40 x 85°C x 0.2°C) Medium range Thermometer
  • IP 10C (76 x 122°C x 0.2°C) High range Thermometer
  • Polish Wooden case
  • Spare Heater 400 W
  • Electronic Stop Watch
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