This new design has both magnetic damping, resulting in shorter setting time and better   stability of the compensator in fiber case. With all standard accessories, Export Quality with telescopic aluminum stand. Packed in water proof canvas cover.

  • TN -20(20XMAGNIFICATION)                        
  •   TN -24(24XMAGNIFICATION)                 
  • TN -28(28XMAGNIFICATION)                 
  • TN -30(30XMAGNIFICATION)                 


Model ParameterTN-20TN-24TN-28TN-32
Standard Deviation for 1 Km 2.5 mm2.0mm2.0mm1.5mm
Double-run leveling
Telescope imageErectErectErectErect
Clear Objective Aperture30mm36mm36mm40mm
Angle of field of View1020’1020’1020’1020’
Shortest Focusing Distance0.4m0.4m0.4m0.4m
Stadia Multiplying Constant100100100100
Stadia Additive Constant0000
Sensitivity of Circular Level8’/2mm8’/2mm8’/2mm8’/2mm
Graduation interval of Circle10 of  1gon
Compensator typeV-shaped wire suspension magnetic-damping
Compensator working Range±15’
Setting Accuracy0.4’’0.4’’0.3’’0.3’’
Dimensions 190×128×123mm3
Connecting size to tripodM 16 or 5/8’’
Connecting size to tripodP14
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