Survey Instruments and Accessories


The most appropriate instrument for measurement of distance . It can work more accurately than measuring tapes and seven one operator can do the work well. Range o to 9999 meter. Supplied in Raxine Cover. RMW-1 RMW-2 RMW-3


Gun metal frame , with Circle of 20 cm. radius, marked from 0 to 130 degrees, Direct reading up to 15 minutes  and with Vernier up to 15 seconds. Fitted with magnifying lenses and provided with slow motion tangent screw, with tow telescopic and with four intensity matching glasses,  packed in velvet lined wooden case.


75mm dia (3”) , divided from 0 to 140 degree, fitted with Vernier to read accurately one minute and with magnifier for reading with telescope shades etc. Complete in leather sling case.

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