Size 178 mm (7”), Internal focusing with vertical circle, Nickel Silver embedded and graduated to read 30 min. with vernier. The graduated extendable base plate is of embedded Nicked Silver , extendable to 375mm (15”) .A highly sensitive Spirit Level is mounted on the top of the vertical circle and circular bubble is fixed on the main plate of preliminary setting up .

     The horizontal circle is of embedded Nickel Silver and is graduate to  read 6 minutes with Verniers and can also be used a pre-set zero arrangement for laying out angles The horizontal and vertical circles are fully covered to make them dust proof. Tangent screws are provided for the slow motion and locking iof the both horizontal and vertical circles. Optical peed sight is mounted on the top of the telescope to facilitate of the leveling staves. The instrument is fitted with blue coated optics to give Erect Image. Supplied in a highly polished teak wooden box and teak wood tripod stand having three  foot screws leveling head for accurate leveling .

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