Hot Air Oven


Make: Metlor

Model: SL-FT-021

Utilizing forced air circulation, hot air ovens are used in laboratories to perform effect of ageing on various physical properties of any type of materials including yarns, fabrics and paper etc; in addition, these forced air convection ovens are also used for high quality drying and baking applications in the field of laboratory, medical or biomedical and pharmaceutical and textile industries, where fast heat up and consistent temperature are prime requisite. Often known as hot air circulating ovens, these units are fitted with blower or fan inside in order to distribute hot air (warm air) in every corner of the inner chamber. Physical properties of materials are analyzed before and after ageing in order to find out their suitability for specific applications.

Our hot air oven systems offer continuous temperature up to 250°C and feature safe operation; allowing operators to worry-free perform their tests. Standard models of our hot air ovens are available from 22 liters to 300 liters volume; however, we can design and manufacture hot air ovens meeting customer provided temperature range, sizes and capacities. There are various optional accessories that our company can add on extra cost in order to make your working more comfortable. Under economical price, our hot air ovens deliver superior quality drying facilities.


Up to 250°C temperatureTemperature safety as per DIN 12880 Class 3.1
Precise and even heat distributionNoise-less fan
Safe for operator and samplesDouble walled construction
Removable stainless steel shelvesDigital temperature controller
Over heat and over current protectionForced air circulation
Ventilation of gasesImported heating element

All hot air ovens provide temperature range 5°C above ambient to 250°C with accuracy of ±2°C. Temperature is controlled with mechanical temperature control (rotary knob) or by digital control (PID controller). For uniform rotation of heat inside the chamber noise-less fan is used for air circulation.

Each hot air oven is produced with double walled construction and made of 304 grades stainless steel with insulation of mineral wool for efficient thermal loss. In economical models, exterior chamber is made of powder coated MS, while 304 stainless steel is used as an option. Inner chamber is completely made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain. Shelves are made of painted steel and can be easily adjusted inside the chamber with ribs created inside the interior chamber walls.

Doors are double walled, made of MS steel (stainless steel optional) and also fully insulated with mineral wool, fitted on heavy hinges. Sturdy handle provides comfortable opening and closing. Doors open 180° in order to provide enough access to the heating chamber.

Heating Elements:
For efficient heating, our hot air ovens are fitted with branded heating elements, nickel / chrome plated nichrome wire, kept inside the beads and placed at the bottom and both sides of the chamber.

For safe removal of hot gases and fumes air ventilators are provided near the top of the both sides.

Safety Features:
For safe operation of hot air oven, several safety instruments are fitted; automatic circuit breaker turns off the unit in case of over temperature and other short circuits. Audio and visual alarms can be fitted as option, alert the user if temperature goes beyond the selection.

Hot Air Oven Dimensions

Model No.Inner Chamber
(W x D x H)
1122300 x 300 x 300 mm301.52
1123355 x 355 x 355 mm451.52
1124455 x 455 x 455 mm952.02
1125455 x 455 x 605 mm1252.23
1126605 x 605 x 605 mm2242.53
1127605 x 455 x 910 mm2522.53
1128605 x 605 x 910 mm3363.03

Hot Air Oven Specifications

Temperature Range5°C above ambient to 250°C maximum
Temperature Accuracy+ / – 2°C
Temperature Uniformity+ / – 1°C
ControlsPID Controller
Temp DisplayLED Display
Heating ElementNichrome wire / Kanthal A1
Safety deviceOver temperature protection
Electric leakage breaker
Temperature safety as per DIN 12880 Class 3.1
Exterior ChamberMS powder coated
Interior Chamber304 stainless steel
InsulationMineral Wool
DoorsSolid doors w/ silicone rubber gasket & lock
Shelves2 – 3 Stainless steel shelves (Removable)
Air CirculationForced air circulation
Power Supply220 Volts
Optional– Dot Matrix Printer interface
– Temperature chart recorder
– PLC Controller
– Stainless steel outer cabinet
– Audio / visual alarm
– IQ, OQ, PQ and DQ documentation
– Extra shelves
– Heating Thermostat
– NABL Certification
– Manufacturer calibration certificate

Metlor is a leading hot air oven manufacturer in India and supplies its hot air ovens all over India and overseas at highly competitive price. In-house engineering team allows customers to discuss their custom specifications, if they need any modifications in hot air oven or need completely a customized hot air oven; each requirement is fulfilled with unmatched quality performance and reliability.

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