Muffle Furnace


Make: Metlor

Model: SL-FT-020

Muffle Furnace w/Digital Controller has a maximum temperature of 2,000°F (1,093°C). This is a front-opening model housed in a painted, heavy-gauge steel case for long service life. The chamber with 2.5in (64mm) minimum refractory firebrick has easily-accessible heating elements mounted inside. The opened oven door can be used to hold trays for loading or unloading. Drop-front door has counterweight to keep door closed and includes a safety switch that cuts power to the elements when the door is opened. The unit is equipped with a front-accessed Sentry 2.0 Micro processer automatic digital controller with precision programmable options. The display features alphanumeric prompts for easy programming, and allows storing of up to four programs. Each program can store multiple segments. Designed for ashing, ignition tests, gravimetric analyses and volatile matter determinations, along with testing of soils, aggregates, and cement. Chamber dimensions are 8.5 x 9 x 8.8in (216 x 229 x 224mm) WxDxH. Functions on 115V/60Hz/14Amps.

Muffle Furnace is equipped with identical features and capabilities, but operates at 230V/7Amps/1,692Watts.

Both units include a digital controller, power cord and plug.


  • Rugged construction for long life and performance.
  • Chamber interior made with 2.5in refractory firebrick.
  • Digital controller offers numerous programmable options and multiple storage capacities.
  • Safety switch turns off power to heating elements when door is open.

Included Items:

  • 673in³ Muffle Furnace w/Digital Controller, 115V or 230V.
  • Digital Controller.
  • Power Cord and Plug.


  • Vent Master 120 effectively and efficiently removes fumes from muffle furnaces to the outdoors through the venting system.
  • Crucible or Beaker Tongs to safely remove beakers and other labware from furnace.
  • Porcelain Crucibles used for loss-on-ignition testing of cement, fly ash and soils and are available in 10, 30 or 45ml.
  • Heat Resistant Gloves provides additional operator protection from high temperatures when placing or removing items inside furnace.
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