Bundesmann Apparatus

The “METLOR” Bundesmann Apparatus is used for the water absorption and water penetration of the textile fabrics. It consists of a steel structure with specimens is rotated at a specified speed in this tank about a vertical axis with the help on an Electric motor and worm reduction gearbox placed underneath the tank. Impinging of water jets coming from nozzles on 304 Screws fitted on an aluminum plate produces the shower. The nozzles are fitted on aluminum blocks, which are in turn connected to a closed piping system. Water is supplied to the piping system through an electric pump. A control valve and a pressure gauge are also provided to regulate and indicate pressure in the pipeline. A guard is provided to contain splash produced. Water not impinging on the screws is also collected in this tray and drained away. This shower arrangement is mounted on the top of the structure to give the specified drop height. A hinged tray which can be swung during the testing is also provided to shield the assembly from the shower before and after the test. An arrangement to collect water circulation tank and re-circulate it with the help of the pump is also provided. The cup assembly consists of four aluminum cups with their axis tilted outward at 10º to 15º to the vertical mounted on an aluminum base. Specimen holding ring made of aluminum hold the specimen onto the cups with the help have screwed clamps. Each cup four-wiper blades set perpendicular to each other in the form of a cross. The wiper blades are made of stainless steel and are tapered down away from the center. The abrading face of each blade is cylindrical in shape. The wiper assembly presses against the lower surface of the test specimen with the help of a spring. The arrangement is also made to make the wiper blade assembly oscillate through an angle of 100º four times in every one revolution of the cup assembly. Gunmetal drain fitted to each cup for draining out the water collected in them. The cup assembly can be easily taken out to facilitate mounting of specimens and draining of water collected in the cups for determination of the amount of water that has penetrated through the specimens. Specimens loading disk is also provided with the equipment to depress wipers to rim level while mounting the specimen.

Technical Specification:
  • Model: 250 ml X 4 beakers
  • Rotation speed of rotor: 40+5RPM
  • Power requirement: 420V AC, 3kW, 50 Hz three phase (single phase optional)
  • Temperature controller: Digital pre-set temperature indicator cum controller
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