CEM 01 | Computer Controlled Electro Mechanical Universal Testing Machine (Single Ball Screw)

 Machine can be configured with four different load
cell at most. Users can switch between these four load cells as per requirement.
 Machine can be configured with eight sensors (Extensometers) at most, users can switch between these eight sensors.
 Provision for calculations of parameter such as upper yield load, lower yield load, upper yield
stress, lower yield stress, ultimate stress, young modulus percentage of elongation, percentage reduction in cross section area etc.
 Stroke protection: Over travel safety by fixed and adjustable limit switches at both ends.
 Overload protection: by system setting.
 Emergency stop: by emergency push button
 Load is indicated with resolution of 1/20000 of machine capacity for the entire measuring range.
 Elongation is indicated with the resolution of 0.01 mm.
 Tare load and reset elongation facilities available.
 Special data acquisition card with software compatible with Windows 7, Window 8 & Windows 10 operating system.
 Software can run a variety of mechanical test, recall data from previous test and prepare test report.
 User can choose different option for online graph, eg. Load vs Displacement, Load vs Extension, Stress vs Strain, Load vs Time etc.
 Menu driven software for easy use.
 Storage and retrieval of test parameters.
 The load and crosshead travel value will be displayed continuously during the test with the
online graph, if extensometer is used during the testing then load, elongation and extension value will be display with live graph.
 Zooming and magnification of required portion of graph is available.
 Point tracing facilities are available as added feature.
 Different units can be selected for load in KN and Kg.
 Tare load and reset elongation facility.

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