Crackness Apparatus Tester

Crackness Apparatus Tester consists of a clamp device, which rigidly holds one end of the test piece. A mandrel of the desired diameter and a roller of diameter 25mm make contact with the flesh and the grain surface respectively of the middle portion of the test piece, across its full width. The axes of both the mandrel are fixed relative to the clamp, the axle of the roller is attached to a handle pivoted at the axis of the mandrel. It consists of a horizontal base plate to which is rigidly attached a shouldered spigot whose narrow part has the diameter of the smallest mandrel. The circular hole in the handle fits over, which thus acts as a pivot. A mandrel of the desired diameter fits. A roller of diameter 25mm is carried on a vertical axle fixed to the handle in such a way that its distance from the circular hole may be set to any value desired. The test piece clamp is attached to a slotted strip, which allows its position relative to the base plate to be varied. All the mandrels are made of stainless steel and the other parts are either painted or chrome plated to give a corrosion resistance long life.

Technical Specification:
Mandrel numberDiameter (mm)
161.67 + 0.03
235.00 + 0.03
323.57 + 0.03
417.22 + 0.03
513.88 + 0.03
610.38 + 0.03
78.33 + 0.03
86.76 + 0.04
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