Flexometer is used for the assessment of the flexing endurance of light leathers and their surface finishes. The ability of light leathers such as those used in shoe uppers, gloves and garments to withstand repeated flexing without cracking can be accurately determined with METLOR Flexometer. This testing equipment is built on a rigid metallic base plate. The test specimen is held between a pair of stationary and oscillating grips. The grips are specially designed to enable quick fixing and removal of the test specimen and are shaped to meet the specifications. A six digit even electronic counter with key reset and backup memory is provided to count the total number of flexing cycles undergone by the test specimens. The equipment is able to carry out a number of flex cycles per test.

  • All the pivot points of the apparatus have ball bearing to ensure the long life and smooth operation
  • The apparatus is finished in bright chrome/ zinc plating and NC based painting for a corrosion resistance finish
  • Electronic counter with key reset and backup memory to count the total number of flexing cycles
  • Standard IS: 5914 – 1970: Method of physical testing of leather (flexing endurance)
Technical Specification:
  • Flexing frequency: 100± 5 cycles/ minute
  • Angle of oscillation of grips: 22.5 +0.5°
  • Dimension of test specimens: 70 X 45 mm
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